Loan Rates

Our Loans

We offer flexible simple interest installment loans with a minimum term of 115 days or more. We do not offer “short-term loans” commonly referred to as a payday loan. Our terms and conditions are fair and absolutely transparent. There are no application fees, hidden charges or extra payments.  All of the loans we issue can be paid off at any time with no pre-payment penalty or additional principal payments can be made in addition to the regularly scheduled payments. This can result in a savings over the scheduled interest shown on your payment schedule.

Loan Rates

We strive to make our entire process as easy, quick and straightforward as possible. You can be sure that you’re offered the best possible interest rate. Once your application has been processed and approved, our friendly loan officer will contact you via phone to explain all the loan terms, fees and repayment opportunities. Moreover, all the information regarding the installment loan and our charges is provided in your Loan Agreement.

We provide our customers with a personalized repayment schedule to fit their personal needs and their budget. You’ll be able to pay back your installment loans over time with a set number of installment payments. As you pay back your loan, you pay down both the principal amount and the fees. You have the option to pay off early at any time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.